KIA New Cars

At KIA East Rand we work around the clock to guarantee that you are safe behind the wheel of the new car that you purchase from us. This is why we make certain that our vehicles are built with a passive safety system to ensure that in the case of an accident, your new car will help you to manoeuvre it well. KIA vehicles are stronger and this is attained by using high strength steel to manufacture each vehicle. This material also ensures that the cars are lighter even though they are stronger.

At KIA, we are constantly looking at ways to improve and evolve. We know that times are changing and we believe that our vehicles should too. We have so many new cars for you to choose from and we advise our customers to browse our site for a full listing.

Once you have found one that is suitable for your needs, you can book a test drive with us and experience the vehicle for yourself. We will try and assist you by making this process as carefree and memorable as possible.